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Space Adventure is an international travelling exhibition by the United States Space & Rocket Center (NASA’s Museum) in Huntsville and Hereleb.
The history of space conquest since the earliest days all the way to the accomplishments of the recent half a century will be presented at the overall area of 1,500 square meters lavishly. More than 50 unique exhibits presented will delve into the history of human endavor in space. These include the spatial stations, original particles delivered from cosmic space , pieces and models of satellites, aeronaut suits and accessories, the moon rock and the work of Dr. Wernher Von Braun, which came from archives at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center (NASA’s Museum). A new area regard the International Space Station will be available from February 2021. Will be display a ISS node called “ Columbus “ coming directly from Thales Alenia Space and Altec , companies works exclusively for NASA and ASI.

The exhibition will provide visitors of all ages with a unique chance to make a virtual trip to the space. Seven stimulators installed in the exhibition will create a memorable, although short-lived impression of a space flight. This is the wow factor of the exhibition.
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