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Bodies, the science within is a fascinating journey through the extraordinary riches that lie hidden beneath our skin.
The purpose of this educational and scientific visitor attraction is to explain the anatomy and structure of the human body, while admiring its beauty and perfection. Bodies experience teaches us a most important lesson about learning to respect our body and take care of it as much as possible. Only in this way will we truly understand this “perfect machine”.

Bodies exhibition is suitable for all ages, offering a fascinating opportunity to find out what we are made of. Bodies is like opening a book about our own body. It’s all made possible thanks to the sophisticated polymerization technique that enables real organs and human bodies to remain unchanged over time.
Bodies exhibition is the one of the largest and most complete exhibition of real human organs and bodies. It will cover a record 1000 square meters around the world. Bodies presents a display of more than 100 human organs and entire, real bodies. You can also examine organs that have been affected by a variety of diseases, allowing us to understand their effect on the human body.

Under our skin is a set of complex apparatus and associated organs which, second by second, work together to keep us alive and in shape. Bodies exhibition consists of 7 galleries, each dedicated to a human body system, representing a unique opportunity to explore the anatomy of the human body, its structure and its operation.
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