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Beatrice Giliberti (born in Rome on 26th September 2001), aka BEO, is an Italian artist, singer and songwriter. She caught people' s attention thanks to her appearance on X Factor 2019 edition and to several videoclips of her own songs and covers posted on social networks.
Born to an Italian father and a Hungarian mother, Beo showed a passion for music from an early age, thanks also to her parents' amateur guitar and cello playing. Already in middle school she began composing her first songs, accompanying herself on the guitar. For her high school education, she chose the Liceo Musicale Farnesina in Rome, where she also studied piano and graduated in 2019.
She is currently attending the two-year advanced training workshop, in the Song section, of the Officina delle Arti Pasolini in Rome directed by Tosca.
She is registered with the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) as a melodist composer and author of the literary part.
She is emotionally and artistically involved with Lorenzo Rinaldi, who is also a young up-and-comer on the Italian songwriting scene.
She has composed over 20 songs in English and Italian in the last 6 years of activity. She has performed extensively in venues in Rome, Puglia and Umbria.
In 2019, she was invited to participate in the X-Factor selections, passing the auditions, Bootcamp and making it all the way to the Home Visit which took place in Berlin.
The musical influences that have shaped Beo's style come mainly from American country pop.In her compositions and choice of covers, she was inspired at a very early stage both by the classics of the US folk scene such as Joan Baez, and by more contemporary singer-songwriters. Her education, like her musical passions, is the result of an all-round listening experience that spans time and genres, stretching from the Beatles and Bob Dylan to classic Italian singer-songwriters such as De Gregori and Battiato, to the indie pop of Twenty One Pilots or the rock of the Arctic Monkeys.
With her distinctive vocal timbre and very personal writing style, she has remarkable skills in harmonic arrangements, which allow her to create  some impressive choral recordings and harmonisations to back up the lead vocals.
Because of her skills and features the Hereleb agency decided to sign her and introduced her to Music Media One in Copenhagen, a production company with which Beo is working on an album for the northern European market.
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